How to choose a multicooker

Multicookers are the perfect kitchen appliance for those who love to cook and experiment with different dishes. They can cook anything from rice and beans to desserts and-most importantly-a variety of delicious meals that will keep your family coming back for seconds. Why not use a multicooker instead of sticking to the same old recipes?

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10 Steps for Buying the Perfect Multicooker

1. Look at the different features before you buy a multicooker.

It’s important that your multicooker can do all of the things you want it to do. That is why there are different functions like slow cook, pressure cook, bake, and steam.

2. Check if your desired multicooker has pre-set functions or custom functions.

Pre-set functions are preset for certain foods like rice or stew. Custom programs allow you to create your own combinations of time, pressure, and temperature for cooking difficult dishes like risotto.

3. How much food can it hold?

While this may seem like a no-brainer, the best way to determine how much food your multicooker can hold is to measure it yourself.

4. What is the wattage of the multicooker?

While a higher wattage does not always mean better or faster cooking times, it can have an effect on how quickly your multicooker will heat up and cook your food. Be sure to check with your manufacturer before you buy a multicooker to ensure that you are getting what you need.

5. See if the lid comes with an anti-block shield.

This function keeps steam from escaping out of your multicooker so that more moisture remains in the cooker for moist and tender dishes every time, whether you’re cooking or steaming.

6. one-touch button

One-touch buttons like “rice” or “soup” can be a great time saver if you want to cook a certain food that is often cooked with the same settings.

7. Determine the multicooker type

Different types of cooking containers are available, so decide what kind of pot you’d prefer for your multicooker-a nonstick coated pan, ceramic pan, metal pan, or a dishwasher-safe pot.

8. Is a timer important?

If you’re going to be away from the kitchen for a while, it might be best to find a multicooker with an easy-to-read timer that will turn off your unit once your food is cooked.

9. Does this multicooker come with other accessories?

Make sure to check for additional accessories like a trivet or steaming tray before you buy your multicooker.

10. budget

Your budget will also play an important role in choosing the best multicooker for you. Be sure to look into what brands are available within your price range, but remember that just because a multicooker is expensive does not mean it’s the best.